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Chemical Coating Solutions -Piezoelectric

The Chemical Coating Solutionspiezoelectric are used above all for synthesis of the dominant piezoelectric material system used in variety of

transducer, actuator as well as sensor due to the ion efficiencies.

The PZT sol-gel solutions 0.4M, 0.7M as well as Lead-free sol-gel solution 0.4M are offered by us. Besides, we offer, LNO, LiCoO3 as

well as ZnO solutions as well as others. Also the lead free PZT Nano powder in purity of above 99.5% as well as lead zirconate titanate powder in

less than 100 nm size are available. We also usually offer lead-free sol-gel solutions which are KNN or BKNT based. Secondly, we offer

MULTICOMPONENTS CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS suitable for dielectric, semiconductor, conductor, thermoelectric as well as functional oxides.

Consequently, materials used are simply BaTiO3, (Ba,Sr)TiO3, ZnO-based multicomponent, (La,Ni)CoO3-based p-type, La(Ca, Mn)O3-based n-type

as well as Bi-based pyrochlore. Above all, we also offer single component chemical solutions of, as an example, Al2O3, TiO2, ZrO2, SiO2, ZnO for

dielectrics & functional oxides.

PZT SOL-GEL SOLUTIONS – 100 ml bottles

A) PZT Sol-Gel Solution (0.4M)

Zr/Ti composition: 52/48 (customized) –
Purity > 99.5% –
Concentration: 0.4 mol/L (90~100 nm/layer)

B) PZT Sol-Gel Solution (0.7M)

Zr/Ti composition: 52/48 (customized)
Purity > 99.5%
Concentration: 0.7 mol/L (200~250 nm/layer)

C) Lead-Free Sol-Gel Solution (0.4M)

Purity > 99.5%
Concentration: 0.4 mol/L (90~100 nm/layer) –

D) Others LNO, LiCoO3, ZnO etc.

  • 20% additional cost of base amount if dopants La, Ca, Sr, Nb are added.
  • Composition (Zr/Ti ratio), excess PbO content can be changed as desired.
  • Consulting with customers for doping concentration.
  • Provision of basic data and process diagrams.

For futher enquiries write to


Lead-Free Nano Powder – Size <100 nm – Purity >99.5%

Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) Nano powder Size <100 nm – Purity > 99.5%


  • Thickness per one layer : 12 nm ~ 300 nm ( as per molar ratio)
  • Precise composition control : Pb & Zr/Ti Ratio : Within +/- 2%
  • Easy dopant addition: La, Ca, Nb, Sr or as per customer requirements
  • Reproducibility -Excellent
  • Excellent electrical properties



  • Thickness per one layer : 50 nm ~ 100 nm ( as per composition & molar ratio)
  • Precise composition control
  • Easy dopant control
  • Excellent reproducibility
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Can provide CSD process flow


For dielectrics, semiconductors, conductors, thermoelectric oxide & functional oxides

  • Materials : BaTiO3, (Ba,Sr)TiO3
    ZnO-based multicomponent
    (La, Ni)CoO3-based p-type
    La(Ca, Mn)O3-based n-type
    Bi-based pyrochlore

Besides we offer, Customized materials

  • Solution concentration : 0.1 – 0.4 mol/L (10-100 nm/layer)
  • Solvents : 2-methoxyethanol, methanol, ethanol or other alcohols as per customer requirements
  • Can provide CSD process flow
  • Other customized materials


As an example For dielectrics & functional oxides

  • Materials : Al2O3, TiO2, ZrO2, SiO2, ZnO

Customized materials

  • Solution concentration : 0.1 – 0.4 mol/L (10-100 nm/layer)

For futher enquiries write to

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